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How to Grill Frozen Burgers

More often than not, time constraints force us to take shortcuts in life. When it comes to preparing hamburgers, there are even slightly more reasons for that. Are there a lot of situations that make you consider grilling frozen burgers ?

There’s nothing wrong or weird about that. Personally, I often grill hamburgers prepared much earlier this way. Sometimes I don’t even have time to slowly defrost burgers in the fridge, which is why I taught myself how to grill frozen hamburgers.

In this kind of situation a lot of questions come up, first and foremost, is it possible? Another very popular question is, does such hamburger taste good?

You can find the answers to all those questions below, so I invite you to read my guide.

Is it worth it?

Fresh hamburgers are definitely the best, but very often we don’t have time or even motivation to prepare them. Properly pre-prepared hamburgers can be frozen and then grilled whenever you like.

An upside to this is saving time, you can prepare a lot of such hamburgers on your day off and then freeze them all. In such condition, hamburgers have a long shelf life, which means you can take out few such burgers once in a while to make a quick and delicious meal.

The main downside of frozen hamburgers is the longer time required to grill them. On top of that, it is a must to take care of all the conditions required to grill evenly so that you don’t end up with raw meat on the inside.

When it comes to the flavor on the other hand, the difference isn’t really quite that huge compared to fresh burgers. Sure, someone experienced may feel the difference, but they will also admit that grilled frozen burgers taste nice.

How to Grill Frozen Burgers Properly

So after a fairly long introduction and quite a lot of theory on the topic, I can now move on to the essence, which is discussing how to properly prepare frozen burgers.

First preheat the grill to a medium temperature, preferably about 300 degrees F. Never start grilling frozen burgers patties on a cold grill, and do take this advice really seriously. All the information in this guide was based on a warmed-up grill ( time of frying etc ).

If you have a charcoal grill then it’s better to do this first. When it comes to certain types of grills, achieving the right temperature takes a lot of time.

Next take the frozen hamburgers out of the freezer and use a wooden spatula to separate them. If you have some spare time, then wait few minutes for the hamburgers to thaw a little. It will be much easier to get them separated and the condiments will stick to the meat much better. So put some salt and pepper on the hamburgers or whatever else you like.

Once the temperature inside the grill is just right, you can start grilling. Place the hamburgers on the grates and close the lid if your grill has one.

How long to grill frozen burgers ?

From now on, try to flip the hamburgers every 3 to 5 minutes over the next 15 to 25 minutes. It all depends on the freezing level of the meat and on how thick it is.

To make sure, check the temperature inside the meat using an instant read thermometer, which should show about 160 degrees F. ( When making the measurements, take the beef patties off the grates, and also try to insert the thermometer from the side and not from the top ).

Meat takes 15 to 25 minutes so all that is left for you to do is wait and in the meantime get the buns and other things ready. You can warm up or grill the buns right before taking the meat off the grates if you prefer.

With the meat done and with hot buns, all that is left to do is prepare delicious hamburgers using your favorite toppings.

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