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Green Mountain Grills vs Traeger

Both Traeger and Green Mountain are brands that have very good grills in their offer. When buying a new pellet grill most people are forced to only choose one grill.

When looking for a new pellet smoker, you are certainly going to run into such brands as Traeger and Green Mountain Grills.

Which of them is better? What to choose?

I know that it’s a problem to many people, which is why I have decided that I will compare both brands so that you can understand the key differences between them and make your own choice of which of them suits you better.

In my comparison I am mostly going to use the smallest and cheapest models from both manufacturers, but I will also mention their upper tier versions.

Of course I will share my choice with you, but I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the article so that you can come to your own conclusions as well.

GMG Davy Crockett

Traeger Pro 575

Green Mountain Grills vs Traeger


Green Mountain Grills  – One of the first manufacturers that started making pellet smokers soon after the Traeger patent expired ( the GMG brand was founded in 2008 ). It is a brand that devoted itself 100% to everything related to this type of smoker and as we can see, it was worth the risk. Today GMG is among the leading manufacturers of pellet smokers and they offer their models at very competitive prices while maintaining the quality.

Traeger – No other manufacturer has a history as rich as the creator of the first pellet smoker, which then got patented for many years to come. It is Traeger that is responsible for not only creating but also promoting this type of smoker. It’s been decades since the brand was created ( 1985 ) and yet Traeger is still the king in terms of sales of pellet grills.


Green Mountain Grills  – You can choose out of several universal sizes that should meet the expectations of most customers. The choice isn’t actually that much wide, but you are certainly going to find something very small or very big.

Traeger – Due to the Traeger offer featuring several different series , choosing the size is not a problem. Almost every series is available in different configuration so that every client can match the size to their expectations the best they can.


Green Mountain Grills and Traeger offer 3 years of warranty which is the most popular warranty period when it comes to pellet smokers. For the smallest models from GMG such warranty period is satisfactory but when it comes to Traeger I would expect 4 or even 5 years of warranty considering their price.


Green Mountain Grills  – Not everyone knows it, but GMG has a great small-sized mobile pellet smoker in its offer. I dare say that it is in my view the best model on the market when it comes to mobility. I’m talking about the GMG Davy Crockett model here, which will work great even when camping thanks to its small sized structure adapted for transportation.

Traeger – In Traeger’s offer you will also find a small and compact pellet smoker but it isn’t as well-designed as its competitor. Still, it should also be able to meet the expectations of most people, but if we compare it to GMG Davy Crockett it is the latter that wins.

Top Features

Green Mountain Grills  – For many years now, GMG has been the only brand that has an inexpensive Wi-Fi enabled pellet smoker in their offer. On top of that, GMG Smokers have all the basic and necessary features such as an ash removal system or a high quality digital controller.

Traeger – Every series features something special, one will stand out with its simplicity and price while another with plenty of interesting features. Depending on your budget, Traeger offers plenty of different features and modern technologies. Sadly, the cheapest models are limited to the minimum by having a basic controller and cleaning system, but they lack Wi-Fi and other gadgets.


Green Mountain Grills  – You have many different models to choose from that differ a lot in terms of price and configuration. I can confirm from experience, though, that GMG is one of the best pellet smokers, the Davy Crockett model. A perfect choice for those only beginning their adventure with this type of smoker, very good quality and mobility at a low price.

Traeger – Even the smallest pellet smoker from Traeger costs much more than with any other manufacturer. On top of that, it doesn’t come with any interesting features, only the basic solutions. Of course Traeger offers well-equipped series that come with innovative technologies but it costs a lot compared to most brands on the market.

Pellet Hopper

Green Mountain Grills and Traeger provide a volume of the pellets container that properly matches the size of the grill. That way you can be sure that a full tank is enough for many hours of smoking without having to refuel.

Quality of workmanship

Green Mountain Grills – At the first glance, the quality of workmanship is slightly better but I’d like to remind that the GMG brand is slightly cheaper than Traeger.

Traeger – Within the last few years I’ve heard plenty of voices about the quality of Traeger grills seemingly dropping. Personally, I’ve also had such a feeling, but after the refurbished series appeared in 2019, my hopes were up again. It is still too early to talk about durability, but at the first glance you can tell that the quality of workmanship has improved. Sadly, compared to some competitive brands, the price to quality ratio is still lower.

Brand & Marketing

Green Mountain Grills  – The brand is only focused on pellet smokers and related accessories. Year by year, they are slowly growing in popularity and an increasing number of people gets won over with their quality available for this kind of money. Their offer includes pellet grills from the medium tier to the well equipped premium tier. Their mobile pellet smoker has won renown among people looking for a portable pellet smoker.

Traeger – If you ask anyone in the USA about Traeger, chances are everyone will know what you’re talking about. That’s a result of several decades on the market and of being the author of the first pellet smoker. After all those years the customer perfectly knows that brand and trusts it. Traeger is a sponsor of many events and appears in company of many famous and renowned people in the world of BBQ and beyond. Traeger is unmatched in terms of recognizability and trust, which they back up with statistics by selling the biggest number of this type of smoker in the industry.

Green Mountain vs Traeger – Conclusion

Some models from Traeger are worth attention, but you have to get prepared for a high price. Green Mountain Grills on the other hand has one of the best budget pellet smoker in its offer ( GMG Davy Crockett ).

So who’s the winner in my view?

My choice is definitely Green Mountain Grills.

I am very positively surprised with what their smallest model can offer for this kind of money. The entire structure was brilliantly designed in terms of mobility, when it comes to the features on the other hand the Wi-Fi technology usually present in much more expensive pellet smokers really stands out.

Despite both manufacturers making great smokers that make it possible to prepare great BBQ, I still had to only pick one of them. When selecting, I focused on the price to quality ratio and the features, which is why my winner for today is the Green Mountain Grills brand.