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The Best Wireless Meat Thermometers for 2021

You have a huge problem preparing perfect food or simply want to relax and focus on other things instead of following the smoking process?

A perfect solution in such situation is a wireless bbq thermometer that makes it possible to remotely and precisely monitor the temperature inside the meat or the smoker.

The keyword here is “wireless”, a thermometer of this type makes it possible to remotely monitor temperature inside the meat or the smoker while at home for example. In the meantime, you can focus on something else and still have the entire cooking process under your control.

I believe that it’s an obligatory tool for someone who grills/smokes a whole lot. You get comfort, peace and free time to do something else while also being confident that the meat will be perfect.

I have prepared a guide where I decided to present what I believe to be the best wireless meat thermometers on the market.

Due to the very large selection, I think that you could use knowledge of someone experienced on the topic.

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The 3 Best Wireless Meat Thermometers Reviewed

A good wireless bbq thermometer is accurate, functional, inexpensive and guarantees great range. I focus on quality, accuracy and reasonable price which is why out of dozens of different options I only picked several solid models (I personally own most of them).

ThermoPro TP20

One of the best options on the market in terms of the price, quality of workmanship, functionality and parameters. Two probes make it possible to monitor temperature in two places at the same time, like in the meat and the smoker.

ThermoPro TP 20 comes with a receiver that allows to monitor the temperature from as far away as 300 feet. Of course it all depends on the surroundings, but wifi always has better signal strength than bluetooth.

First and foremost, it is a very accurate thermometer with readout accuracy of up to 1.8 F.

Two fairly long probes are covered with manufacturer’s warranty in the event of any problems. If you believe that readouts are wrong then report this problem and ThermoPro will send you new probes free of charge. In practice, there is no problem with that, which was mentioned by many clients.

It comes with all the essential features which allows you to comfortably focus on something else until you hear the alarm.

There are many preprogrammed settings with the option of entering your own manually, a timer, a Receiver belt clip, a base and many other features that improve convenience.

The receiver is resistant to splashes, it comes with a big, readable display with a backlight feature.

A wireless thermometer, as the name suggests, should make it possible to monitor the temperature from far away.

The greatest advantage of ThermoPro TP 20 on top of the quality of workmanship, functionality and price is its range.

There is no problem pairing the thermometer with the receiver at really long distances, on top of that there’s also a lost connection alarm.

If you take smoking really seriously, it’s a good idea to add a little more to the budget and buy something better.

ThermoPro is a trusted brand in the world of BBQ, and their products are really solidly built and available at adequate prices so I am nearly sure that you won’t regret your decision.

However, if you have a really limited budget then I suggest the slightly cheaper version ThermoPro TP-08S, which mostly differs in that the model TP20 comes with temperature presets (see exact comparison).

Maverick ET-733

The next option is a well known and renowned brand for enthusiasts of real barbecue. Maverick Et-733 comes with two probes that allow for remote control of temperature inside the smoker as well as inside the meat at the same time.

A very important thing is the range between the transmitter and receiver, in this case the manufacturer claims signal strength reaching up to 300 feet.

The combination of decent features, settings, accuracy and strong range makes this a great option for beginners and experienced cooks alike.

It comes with preprogrammed temperatures for many different types of meat as well as different levels of being done. Of course it is possible to modify it or enter completely new settings.

The transmitter comes with a big and readable display that shows the alarms set. The receiver, on the other hand, is a small-sized device that shows the current temperature and alarms when the meat temperature is reached (it blinks and has audio signals).

You can use the probes however you want. Some manufacturers offer two probes, but one of them is intended for the grill, whereas the other for meat.

A huge downside to me compared to the competitive options is a pretty poor warranty, which is only for 90 days. Let me just remind you that ThermoPro for example offers a one year warranty at a similar price, with the ability to extend it to whole 3 years for free after purchase.

Other than that, it is a well-built and functional wireless meat thermometer that enjoys huge popularity for a good reason. It comes with all essential features, great range, two probes and a good price.


the meater+

To tell you the truth, it is the only 100% complete wireless meat thermometer on the market. The transmitter is one probe that makes it possible to take as many as two measurements, whereas the receiver is such device as cellphone or tablet.

You can monitor the temperature inside the meat and around it, and all of that in one probe.

I have to admit that, compared to all the other models, Meater+ is a very innovative thermometer that looks a little like an experiment, but it’s a truly solid design.

There is no display, just a huge probe inside which all the technology is hidden.

It means no wires of any kind etc, that bring a lot of chaos and sometimes limitations.

The receiver is your phone where you can use a dedicated app to connect to the transmitter. The phone gets paired using wifi or bluetooth, whatever suits you more.

Sadly, the downside is a pretty poor range when it comes to blueetooth (up to 160 feet). When it comes to problems with connection, you may try wifi, which is characterized by much longer range and stronger signal.

The most important thing in a wireless thermometer is the range, it is impossible to remotely monitor the temperature without it.

The app is pretty sophisticated compared to competitive models.

It is definitely a very interesting option that introduces a lot of fresh things on the market. Sadly, as of now I believe that this solution is too expensive for most people, especially compared to much cheaper and better competitive models.

Minimalism, innovative technology and style, simple operation and functionality are the greatest advantages of Meater+ that make it significantly stand out on the market.

Why should you have a wireless meat thermometer?

A wireless thermometer mostly differs from a regular one in that it makes it possible to remotely monitor temperature.

Smoking is a time-consuming process that usually takes many hours. You don’t have to stand next to the smoker and watch everything all that time. You can focus on something else and leave the temperature control to the thermometer.

A decent wireless thermometer comes with different alarms and, what is most important, makes it possible to monitor temperature in real time while away from the smoker/grill.

So if you have a standard meat thermometer, you should replace it with a new wireless model as soon as possible, especially if you cook a whole lot.

This type of thermometer allows to save a lot of time that you can spend on other important things and guarantees that the meat will be really perfect.

Tips for buying a new wireless bbq thermometer

Number of Probes – Pay attention to the number of probes, cheaper options tend to only offer a single probe. If you don’t need to worry about the temperature inside the smoker because you have an electric smoker or pellet grill then it’s okay. However, if you want to monitor temperature in two different places at the same time (inside the meat and the smoker) you’re going to need at least two probes.

Readout accuracy – It may not be an instant-read thermometer, being a real-time temperature monitoring device instead. But it’s still a good idea to pay attention to the readout accuracy even though these don’t have to be the best parameters on the market. The difference of several degrees inside the grill doesn’t make much difference, but it does inside meat.

Temperature Range – That mostly depends on your cooking style, do you smoke or grill at high temperatures? When it comes to smoking, every thermometer ensures adequate parameters, whereas

Remote Range – Remember that every manufacturer provides the kind of parameters that can only be achieved under perfect conditions. It means that the range claimed by the manufacturer (for example, 200 feet) will actually be much poorer in reality due to multiple external factors. For example, house walls effectively disrupt signals, cutting the range significantly. Either way, it is the best for your thermometer to have the widest range possible.

Features – Preprogrammed settings, backlit display, different kinds of alarms, different handles etc are only increased convenience. If you have a limited budget, avoid “crazy” features and gadgets.

Resistance to splashes – Different things happen when cooking, which makes it a good thing if the thermometer you’re interested in is resistant to splashes.

Bluetooth vs Wifi BBQ Thermometers Explained

Both types operate at the same frequency, but they differ in technology of connecting with the receiver.

In a bluetooth thermometer, the receiver is a device equipped with a dedicated app and bluetooth connectivity.  (Usually it is majority of available phones or tablets). After connecting to the phone you can monitor the temperature and use all the available features with an app on your phone.

An advantage of bluetooth is the ability to easily connect to every phone and interesting features. The downside, on the other hand, is a pretty poor signal strength compared to wifi as well as even greater sensitivity to things that physically block the signal (thick walls of the house, trees etc ).

On top of that, maintaining bluetooth connection and using the app causes the phone to drain its battery very fast.

Wifi is characterized by much better signal strength and range. It makes it possible to connect to the home network, which gives greater signal range for the receiver.

Wi-fi thermometers usually consist of a functional transmitter and a smaller receiver. It is a much better solution due to range parameters and receiver battery capacity. You don’t need any phone or app, all you need is the simple receiver included.

Personally, I recommend wi-fi if you really want remote, problem-free temperature monitoring. Bluetooth sadly often has problems with connecting, or even with the phone app.