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The Best Grill Covers for 2021

Leaving the grill outside unattended often leads to unpleasant situations.

From animals and other insects hiding inside, to stains, all the way to the entire grill pretty much wearing down faster.

Longer exposure to elements (water and air) or sun causes the colors to fade, makes it humid or brings about the worst symptom – corrosion. The last one is your greatest enemy, especially if you have a grill made of steel of poorer quality.

Getting your grill properly protected will allow you to make it last longer and keep it in great condition for every occasion.

Remember that you can buy a cover from a different brand than your grill. It’s a much cheaper option but you have to make sure that a particular cover fits your grill model.

I have prepared a list for you of the best grill covers for majority of grill types available on the market.

ebg-table__imageAmazonBasics Gas Grill Barbecue CoverCheck Latest Price
ebg-table__imageVicTsing Grill CoverCheck Latest Price
ebg-table__imageAmazonBasics Kettle Grill CoverCheck Latest Price
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The 5 Best Grill Covers for Most Sizes of Grill

A good cover should be of high quality, durable and stick closely to the entire construction of the grill. It is necessary for it to have straps and protections against strong wind that can carry your grill away.

I have chosen several different options so that you have no problem getting a matching size, which is the most important thing when buying a cover.

AmazonBasics Gas Grill Barbecue Cover

Let’s start with a cover with great price and decent quality and durability. Despite the price being pretty low it comes with several useful features that help it better fit the construction of the grill.

AmazonBasics Barbecue Cover is available in several different sizes from smallest all the way to XX-Large. Much bigger covers are also available at attractive prices.

A little advice here, if you have any doubts about the size then buy a bigger one. Plenty of customers complain about covers being slightly too small, a good solution turns out to be simply ordering a bigger size than your estimate.

The first important thing are air vents, which successfully prevent condensation from occurring. Remember that humidity is the greatest enemy of your grill, which makes such solutions a must.

Bungee Cord, thanks to its elasticity, allows to securely keep the cover in its place. That way wind has no effect on it and it is possible to fit it on grills of different sizes.

Now the most important part, the cover was made of Woven Polyester Fabric (300D polyester). The manufacturer claims that this material, combined with the water-resistant padding, will ensure resistance to majority of the most common external factors.

It means you don’t have to worry about rain, wind, sun or snow – sadly, it isn’t fully resistant to UV radiation (only partially). For this kind of money, however, it is a truly solid cover that can be recommended to everyone.

VicTsing Grill Cover

The next option is also available in many sizes and at a similar price. Visually speaking, everything looks great, although it’s a shame that there’s only one color available (just like with majority of manufacturers).

It’s not about the style, however, it’s about the material the VicTsing Grill Cover was made of and all types of handles, as well as the final fit.

The cover was made of the 600D polyester fabric, which makes it heavy and durable.

Of course it’s water-resistant, dust-resistant, comes with protection against UV radiation and all kinds of protections from strong wind.

The handles make it easier to put the cover on the grill, whereas the side straps help fit it to the entire construction, which allows it to stick so close to it that no wind is too strong for it.

The high-thickness seams significantly increase durability, ensuring good resistance to tear.

A nice accent from the manufacturer is a carrying sack, even though not many people are going to need it, it’s always nice to have something like that around for a special occasion.

As for durability, I have to admit that if it’s exposed to sun for a prolonged time, it will sadly cause the material to weaken and the colors to gradually fade.

The truth is that it’s a problem with every cover in this price range, but it’s still a great investment for quite a few seasons for this kind of money.

AmazonBasics Kettle Grill Cover

It is pretty hard to find the right cover designed for kettle style charcoal grills. Most offers are for square-shaped grills, but I have good news for you.

The kettle cover from AmazonBasics was mostly designed with kettle-shaped grills in mind.

According to the manufacturer, it fits most models from size 18.5” all the way to about size 26”. In practice I have to admit that it fits nice on small kettles, perfectly on medium-sized ones (22.5”) and sadly I think it’s a little too small for Weber 26”.

It was made of Woven Polyester which, just like the water-resistant padding, is characterized by good resistance to many external factors.

It mostly protects from dust, rain, snow, strong wind, and even sun.

It comes with an elastic string which allows you to make the cover fit as well as it can. It prevents it above all from getting blown away by wind and unwanted guests from getting inside the grill, which might make a great home for them.

I forgot to also mention about the air vents, which play a very important role by preventing condensation and accumulation of humidity, which is the number one enemy to every steel grill.

Kettle grills are pretty cheap and at the same time very durable, so plenty of people decide not to buy a cover. I used to think the same way, but now I know that a cover is not only a way to make a grill last longer but also to keep it clean and shiny.

I would get scared away by the prices for such covers, they would often cost nearly half of the entire price of my grill, so you have to admit that on top of keeping it clean, there were no other arguments in favor of a cover that costs this much.

Since the cover cost 50% of my grill, it would be better to buy a new grill once in a while instead of trying to keep the old one in a good shape, right?

Luckily now I think differently and am glad that a good cover can be bought at a very low price. The cost of such cover is about 10% of the purchase value of a new weber kettle 18.5” so I think that it’s really worth having.

Homitt Waterproof Grill Cover

This time it’s an option for the owners of much bigger grills (three burners natural gas grills and above). It is available in several large sizes and fits majority of the most popular manufacturers on the market.

Homitt Waterproof Grill Cover ensures the kind of protection that you really need at the lowest possible price while maintaining good quality.

It is a great alternative that can cost even several times less than a cover from the same brand as the grill.

It comes with all the necessary solutions which means adequate handles that make it easier to put on and straps that allow to fit the cover and keep it in place (which really matters when it’s windy).

The right fit is important for enjoying all the benefits of a cover, which means you should check the grill size carefully and buy the right size of the cover.

A durable material (oxford fabric 600D) and a PVC layer will effectively protect you from rain, snow, dust, wind and overall humidity, which has the most severe impact after the sun.

The reality is that the sun will do its thing anyway, causing the cover to lose its colors, but it doesn’t occur quite that fast. On the other hand, there’s no point expecting miracles at this kind of money, it’s an option for several seasons available for pennies.

Also included is a sack that will come in handy when you have no place to safely store a cover that is not in use.

5. KingKong Grill Cover – Best for Weber Genesis II

Kingkong Grill Cover for Weber Genesis II

I am pretty sure that there are plenty of owners of three or four burner gas grills here.

To this kind of people I present the KingKong Grill Cover, which stands out with its good quality, useful accessories, warranty and a relatively low price.

At this moment I’m talking about the size that perfectly fits majority of the most popular 3 or 4 burner models (Weber Genesis, Char-Broil etc).

Of course the same manufacturer sells covers just as great as this one in several other sizes, but I will mostly base my review on this particular size.

The cover made of 600D polyester materials is characterized by good durability and resistance to the basic external factors. You are guaranteed protection of the grill from rain, snow, dust, or even UV radiation.

Of course the sun itself will gradually have an impact on the entire cover but for this kind of money the durability is completely satisfying.

I really liked the wide straps that make it possible to securely hold the cover in its place so that you don’t have to worry even about very strong winds.

I’d like to remind that the same manufacturer offers covers in a different size if this particular model doesn’t fit your grill.

I think that one of the greatest advantages of this option, especially in this price range, is the three year warranty period.

On top of that, it’s a good place to also mention several basic bbq tools that come with the cover ( grill brush, barbecue tongs and meat thermometer ), , which also have their value on the market. They are nothing spectacular but they will surely come in handy.

Why you should have a grill cover

If you’re buying a very cheap grill for a few dozen dollars then there’s really no point buying a cover that costs about that much. In such situation it will be better to simply buy a new grill after a few seasons.

Unless you care about looks and cleanness, in that case a cover is recommended regardless of the grill’s value.

If you own a grill that is worth at least several hundred dollars, however, it’s a good idea to think about a cover.

Its purpose is to help you keep the grill in a perfect condition which will make it last much longer. If you invest several hundred, let alone way above one thousand dollars, you certainly wish your investment to last for as long as possible.

A cover eliminates plenty of negative factors that have a very bad impact on the entire construction of the grill. These are the sun, rain, snow, hail, wind, ice, humidity, dirt, dust or even unwanted insects.

Each of those factors has a negative impact, contributes to presence of corrosion, makes colors fade, damages certain elements and much more.

If you want your grill to stay in a great condition for as long as possible and survive much more, it is necessary to buy a cover. It is one of the most effective ways to maintain a good condition of every grill.

Even inside a garage a cover is effective, it successfully protects from dust and overall dirt.

Tips for buying a heavy duty grill cover

Size – The right size is the basis, a cover should fit perfectly if you want to maintain all of its protective properties. The best solution is to buy a dedicated cover for your model of the grill. Luckily plenty of manufacturers inform which models their cover fits. If you own an expensive grill, however, and can’t find the right size then it’s the best to buy an original cover of the same brand.

Material – Solid, heavy duty covers are much better and more durable. Of course they cost more but it’s worth paying extra when you are guaranteed that the cover will last more than 1-2 seasons. They also work much better under heavy conditions, strong wind, sudden rainfall, snow or even hail.

Stripes – They make it possible to securely fasten the cover on the grill and reduce all potential gaps that animals could get through. It’s also a great protection in harsher conditions where you are concerned about wind etc.

Waterproof – Every cover exposed to external factors should definitely be waterproof (except when the grill is stored inside the garage). Humidity has a very bad impact on a grill, causing corrosion to appear, which makes it very important.

UV Protection – Longterm exposure to sun rays has a harmful effect on a grill, causing colors to fade and certain elements to deteriorate, the same goes for the cover.

Style – This one is a minor issue that has nothing to do with protection so take it more like a separate advice. I want to remind that the cover offer is big enough to have a lot to choose from, so you can easily match the cover to the style of your surroundings.

Warranty – A lot depends on the price range but in most cases a cover should be durable, although don’t expect miracles from the cheapest brands. When it comes to heavy duty covers, you actually should expect a lot, especially due to the price so check out the warranty.