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The Best Grill Brush for 2021

A clean grill is a must and it’s not just about the aesthetics – there’s plenty of arguments in favor of keeping your grill clean, especially the grill grates.

After each cooking, there are food remains and grease left that you should remove preferably right after the end of cooking or alternatively before you start cooking again. Ignoring this responsibility will lead to gradual accumulation of impurities, which will make your situation increasingly worse.

At the first glance, a grill brush is a simple tool but what kind of brush you use matters a lot. The right bristle and structure will make cleaning not only easier and more effective but also safer.

Take grill cleaning seriously and pick the right brush based on the type of grill and grill grates. Then make use of my guide and my suggestions in order to choose the best grill brush.

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The 3 Best Grill Brushes Reviewed

There are many types of grills and many types of grill grates, they differ in the materials they were made of. In order to make cleaning as effective and as safe as possible, it is necessary to choose the right brush.

Below I have listed what I believe to be the three best grill brushes that fit most grills, make your own analysis of which one fits yours the best.

Kona 360° Clean Grill Brush

A nicely designed brush that can really clean up more than most competitive models on the market. all thanks to the perfectly thought-out structure of the bristle that can reach way further than a regular brush.

Three brush heads allow to reach more hidden places like the gaps between grates. It also means a bigger cleaning area in a single sweep. Each push of that brush is equal to three with a regular brush. In theory it should make cleaning faster and increase effectiveness which really is the case here.

Another advantage is a pretty long handle that measures 18 inches. Such length makes efficient and convenient cleaning possible while also protecting your hands.

The manufacturer claims that the brush’s bristle is fully safe for every type of grill grates, even porcelain-coated ones.

It is worth noting that the Kona 360 brush is covered with whole 5 years of warranty against malfunctions not arising from normal use, which are simply some manufacturing flaws that may happen sometimes.

Personally, I’d rather have the handle made of a better material such as wood. However, I am perfectly aware how much it would impact the price and how many people would give up on buying this brilliant brush for that reason.

The brush from the Kona manufacturer has earned a very huge popularity and most of all trust, considering the amount of positive reviews. I have to admit that it is one of the best brushes currently available on the market in terms of quality of workmanship, effectiveness and price.

Weber 3-sided grill brush

A small yet solidly made grill brush from a manufacturer renowned in the world of BBQ. Weber has proven that they know about grills and their accessories by focusing in both cases on quality, functionality and price.

A very well made brush, durable with a strong handle and solid bristle.

The bristle’s structure allows to even reach the gaps in grill grates. The manufacturer claims that it is a safe brush for all types of grills and grill grates.

The small size has its upsides and downsides, first and foremost it makes this brush much easier to hold in hand but on the other hand its handle is slightly too short which can be felt when cleaning a very hot grill without gloves.

Therefore, if you are looking for a solid and small-sized brush then Weber 3-Sided makes a perfect option with one caveat. It is necessary to buy a glove, which doesn’t cost a lot and will solve the problem of the handle being too short when cleaning a very hot grill.

I think that the brush’s small size will also work great when traveling and cooking away from home where every centimeter matters.

Alpha Grillers Grill Brush

An alternative to Kona 360 which means a brush with the same three-part structure of the brush. If for any reason you can’t buy the other one, Alpha Grillers Grill Brush will make a great alternative that maintains a similar quality of workmanship, price and durability.

One certain advantage is the handle’s length, which makes it possible to easily and also safely clean a very hot grill.

The brush’s bristle allows to easily reach further than a regular brush, besides the surface of the grill grates it also reaches the gaps between the grates.

In practice the brush works brilliantly, the 3 in 1 type of structure, good quality of the bristle and adequate technique make it a very effective brush. I recommend checking out numerous available videos that show in detail how to effectively clean a grill using this type of brush.

Thanks to the price, type and quality I place this model without any doubt on my list of recommended brushes. Just look at the number of positive reviews from the existing owners of this brush to see it’s not a joke.

Why you should buy Grill Brush

Accumulating grease and food remains result first and foremost in an increased number of flare-ups and sticking food. Cooking on such grill grates also has a negative impact on the food’s flavor, often giving it a burnt flavor in places.

In such situation, there’s more to it than just the aesthetic aspects, although by keeping a grill in a great condition you will make it last much longer. The most important thing is food, it’s not just about it being tasty but also safe to eat.

Therefore, learn about the easiest and most effective way to clean a grill and try to keep the grill grates clean after each cooking.

Tips for buying a new Grill Brush

The right type of brush – If your grill grates are made of steel then there’s nothing to wonder about. A lot of more expensive grills, however, come with better grill grates that are covered with porcelain or enamel. In such situation, you should pay attention to the bristle to make sure its safe for those materials. A porcelain or enamel coating is pretty fragile and prone to scratches. Chipping flakes might stick to your food or simply make the grill grates lose their “non-stick surface” properties.

Handle length – The most effective cleaning is the type where the grill is hot but in such case you risk getting your hands burned if the brush’s handle is too short. I’ve seen plenty of manufacturers who offer brushes with such handles which is a huge surprise to me. When using a brush with a short handle, you’re probably going to need a glove to protect yourself from burns. I’d say that 18 inches is the best size, under certain conditions 13 inches also will do.

Sturdy Bristles – Strong bristle is another very important thing, here you should focus on proven manufacturers if you can’t test it by yourself. The bristle can’t be loose and prone to falling out, it leads to plenty of dangerous situations which has been all over media in recent years.

Is the wire bristle brush safe ?

Yes and no – it all depends on many factors.

From the theoretical point of view, wire bristle is a huge threat if it gets into the stomach together with food. Sadly, there have been such cases although their % is minuscule and it mostly arises from lack of responsibility.

Never ever use a brush that is many years old. It is a tool like any else, and over time it will lose its properties and will have to be replaced with a new one if you care about safety.

Over time, bristle becomes loose and starts falling out, usually once you see the first few falling wire bristles you can be sure that it will happen again and again.

You need to use a brush with solid bristle, there’s no point cutting corners here.

On top of that, before each cooking it is essential to check out the grill grates to see if there aren’t any wire bristles. Make sure to wipe the surface with a damp cloth or a paper towel, especially if you see something wrong going on with your brush.

How often to clean grill grates?

Preferably always after the end of cooking while the grill is still hot, it makes it easier to get rid of the old grease and food remains. If for any reason, however, you couldn’t do it right away, it is necessary to do it before the next cooking.

Of course I’d rather do it right away because it makes things easier for me, but I know plenty of people who take care of it before they start cooking, the final choice is up to you.