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The Best Gas Grills Under $300 for 2020

In this guide I am going to show that there are many great gas grills on the market available at a price below $300, you just have to know what to look for.

The price range for a new gas grill is very huge, which is why so many people have a problem and don’t know where to start.

The offer in this price range (up to $300) is actually pretty big, which makes it possible to find several really amazing gas grills without spending a fortune.

Of course, for this kind of money you’re not going to buy a huge grill with many gadgets. When looking for the best gas grill for less than $300, you need to approach the topic reasonably and focus on the essentials.

Check out my tips and see my favorites at the price of up to 300 dollars.

The 4 Best Gas Grills under $300 Reviewed

You don’t need to spend a fortune to have a solid and durable grill, at this kind of price you’ll find several truly solid options. I need to emphasize, though, that they are slightly smaller and without any fancy gadgets that only increase the price.

Char-Broil Performance 300

My favorite full-sized gas grill below $300 thanks to the high quality of workmanship and essential features. It is a very simple grill that doesn’t come with any gadgets and yet it is still functional.

The small-sized construction offers 300 square inches of the main cooking area and two burners.

Char-Broil Performance 300 is a perfect option below $300 if you want quality and efficiency. It is also one of the few models in the Char-Broil offer that maintains such good quality compared to the price.

On top of the decent cooking area, it also offers a lot of work space and room to store things. The advantage of cabinet style grills is not only the better appearance in my view but also functionality.

A great choice for a smaller family or if you simply need a small grill due to limited space.

The grill comes with a removable grease tray in the back of the grill, which makes cleaning a relatively simple thing.

The stainless steel lid has a very positive impact on the appearance and style, whereas the built-in thermometer allows to monitor the temperature inside the grill.

For this kind of money, it is the best choice if you’re looking for a full-sized gas grill. It is small-sized and simple, but it allows to conveniently cook pretty good food for as many as several people.

Let me remind you that you can’t have everything in this price range, which is why in my first suggestion I focused on quality and efficiency.

weber q 2200

A combination of functionality of a compact grill and efficiency of a stationary one resulted in a great effect in form of a grill that works great in many different situations.

The next option is one of the best portable gas grills on the market, which when combined with the Q portable cart (sold separately) can also serve as a stationary grill.

Weber Q2200 is a phenomenal grill that you need to have if you don’t have much space or you travel a lot. It works great in many situations, no matter if you need a mobile grill to travel with or you simply have a limited space in your apartment.

It offers almost as much cooking area as the stationary Char-Broil Performance 300.

weber q portable cart

It only comes with one burner, but in a completely different shape than in a regular grill. The stainless steel burner occupies the entire cooking area, ensuring relatively evenly spread heat.

Such burner configuration makes it possible to achieve high temperatures in a very short time. It reaches perfect conditions even for grilling steaks, it is confirmed by the perfect sear marks on the meat surface.

It gets huge thumbs up for the solid Porcelain-enameled, cast iron cooking grates.

The greatest advantage of Q2200 is versatility, today you can cook a small meal on it at home, but tomorrow you can easily go camping with it.

Of course you don’t need to buy the Q Portable Cart, you can use it without a stand like a table top grill but due to the convenience and functionality I really recommend buying it.

Char-Broil Performance Stainless Steel 4-Burner

A suggestion for a bigger family, the grill has whole 425 square inches of the main cooking area. It comes with a simple and minimalistic construction, and a decent quality for this kind of money.

Char-Broil Performance 4-Burner is an option for those who cook much bigger quantities and much more often.

Sadly, you have to accept that it is not a very high quality grill that will last for many years. It is a suggestion for those definitely less demanding and with a very limited budget.

It doesn’t have any features besides the grease collecting system and the side burner, which was a surprise to me. Such solutions as a side burner are usually present in much more expensive options.

It has as many as four burners, they aren’t mega strong, but such number at this kind of size passes the test. The ability to create four different heat zones allows to cook different types of food at the same time.

I give it thumbs up for the stainless steel finish on the upper part of the grill (the lid, the side shelves and the front panel), it looks much better and is characterized by better durability.

The side shelves ensure enough work space, although it could use a little more room to store things.

The 4-burner gas grill from Char-Broil is all about making compromises in order to achieve a low enough price. For this kind of money you’re getting a big, efficient and great looking grill that doesn’t come with any gadgets.

Judging the quality of workmanship and durability relatively to the price, I can say that it is good. It is not an investment for very long, although I believe that in the right hands it can withstand a lot.

Coleman RoadTrip 285

Another portable propane grill that is also characterized by versatility. It has an integrated stand that provides comfort of cooking like on a full-sized grill.

With the stand folded, the grill itself doesn’t occupy much space, which makes it convenient to transport by car or simply store away without taking room on the terrace, balcony or in the backyard.

Coleman RoadTrip 285 has as many as three independently controlled burners that are responsible for generating heat on the entire cooking area (285 in2).

One on each side, making it possible to create two heat zones, and the third in the middle, which combined with all of them generates a whole lot of heat.

There is also a grease collecting system, with a removable tray in the back.

I like the ability to replace the grill grates with a griddle (sold separately) in order to expand the cooking possibilities.

Remember that hidden under the lid are two grill grates, which makes it a good solution to only replace one with a griddle. That way you can utilize both surfaces at the same time to cook different types of food.

I believe that it is more of an option for those who travel rather than as a stationary propane grill. The quality of workmanship is good, and so is the efficiency, but the greatest advantage is mobility.

Tips for buying a new grill under $300

I know that an expensive gas grill comes with a lot of features, cooking area, burners etc. Still, buying a good gas grill for less than 300 dollars is possible. You just have to give up on certain things (like features) and choose a smaller model.

A small yet efficient gas grill is able to prepare food just as good as from a very expensive grill ( see discussions )

Type of construction – You want a typical stationary grill, a portable one, or maybe something in between? Narrow down your expectations, I may also add that smaller options are much better made and more durable.

Size – Choose a size based on the free space in your surroundings and on how much you cook. Remember that big grills tend to cost more so it’s better to carefully analyze your expectations. If you don’t cook often for a bigger group of people, you can go ahead and pick something smaller.

Number of burners – The more burners, the more independently controlled heat zones. It allows you to cook different types of food at the same time. In my view, if you’re thinking of a stationary grill, it should have at least two burners (doesn’t apply to mobile options).

Features – In this category, you should avoid gadgets as they only increase the price without a significant impact on the end results of cooking. A solid and durable grill available for less than $300 has to be simple and efficient.

Mobility – You travel a lot and wish you could cook away from home? Or maybe you live in an apartment and don’t have space for a big gas grill. In such situations, the solution are compact options designed mostly with mobility in mind. A grill of this type takes very little space which makes it easier to transport it from one place to another.

Work area – The work area is very important when cooking, because you need to put your tools and food somewhere. Side shelves are very useful in this regard, providing the essential work area.

Warranty – Inexpensive gas grills are sadly much more likely to have manufacturing flaws which are hard to spot at first glance. Secure your investment by choosing a brand that offers a decent warranty.

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