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The Best Gas Grills Under $200 for 2020

It is very hard to buy a full-sized gas grill for less than 200 dollars. That’s the lowest price range, but I know that there are people with only this kind of budget so I decided to take a closer look upon the topic.

At this kind of price it’s very hard to get quality, efficiency or functionality, it applies to a standard grill.

The exception are portable grills, which offer less space but come with all the essentials and are much better made. Another advantage is the fact that grills of this type work great in many different situations.

I picked several best gas grills under $200 intended for cooking at home as well as away from it. Sadly, at this kind of price you won’t buy a solid and durable full-sized grill, which is why I mostly suggest mobile options.

The 3 Best Gas Grills under 200 Reviewed

The offer of grills below $200 is huge, but most of those options are nothing but a waste of time and money. I only have a few suggestions for you that are really worth your money. Personally, I would go for one of the mobile options because full-sized gas grills for this kind of money have too many flaws.

weber q 1200

I know that this suggestion slightly exceeds the established budget and that it’s not a full-sized grill. Still, I have placed it on my list due to the great quality of workmanship, efficiency and functionality.

When you buy a Weber Q1200, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed with what you get.

It’s a very mobile grill that is mostly recommended to those who cook away from home. In practice, however, there are no limitations and you can use it wherever you want which also makes it a great option for those with limited space.

After some time, once you get some extra cash, you can buy a separately sold Q portable cart. The folding stand provides comfort of cooking like on a full-sized stationary grill, except that it’s you who gets to decide when to use it.

The grill comes with 189 square inches of cooking area on high-quality porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grates.

It only has one burner, but its construction covers a huge part of the surface which makes it warm up very fast and reach high temperatures that are adequate for grilling steaks, for example.

The main body made of cast aluminum makes the whole grill lighter yet also more resistant and durable.

It comes with a system that drains all of the grease onto an aluminum tray under the grill, which can be removed and emptied. The solution is simple, effective and free of malfunctions, which is not always standard in this price range.

Another important thing is the great warranty and the very fact that it is a product from one of the best brands in the world of BBQ.

Think about whether it wouldn’t be better to buy a smaller, solid and versatile Weber Q1200 instead of a full-sized gas grill that at this kind of price would simply be very poorly built.

Char-Broil Classic 280 2-Burner

The greatest advantage is obviously the very affordable price, then quite a large cooking area, two burners and plenty of work space on the side shelves.

Char-Broil Classic 280 is a very minimalistic gas grill for those with a very small budget. It comes with all the essentials and a construction that is relatively corrosion-resistant, which is the greatest problem in the lowest price ranges.

With 280 square inches of the main cooking area and two burners, Char-Broil Classic 280 makes a great option for a small family.

Of course it’s not among solid and durable grills that can withstand a lot. When going for a gas grill for way below $200, you need to take into account poor quality of workmanship and durability.

It’s a full-sized grill with a very simple construction without any gadgets.

It provides a lot of work space, large cooking area and decent burners – that’s all you can expect out of a grill for this kind of money.

When it comes to quality, all I have to say is this – you get what you pay for.

In terms of any major downsides, on the other hand, I could certainly mention the difficult assembly. The poor manual doesn’t make it any easier, and many people could spend as long as two hours on that part.

blackstone tabletop grill 22 inch

An outdoor gas griddle is a great alternative to regular grilling with grill grates. The flat plate is characterized by higher capacity and makes it possible to grill smaller things.

On top of regular meat such as wieners, hamburgers or wings, you can also grill finely chopped vegetables, eggs or even pancakes.

It is no wonder that Blackstone Tabletop Grill has become one of the most popular camping grills. The mobile version is available in two sizes, the one-burner 17” and the two-burner 22”.

It is also impressive with its simplicity and mobility, which makes it durable and free from malfunctions, as well as great for cooking away from home.

It has whole 330 square inches of the cooking area, that’s a great number in a grill for this kind of money.

It comes with two burners, each of them heats one half of the cooking area, which makes it possible to create different heat zones.

You don’t have to worry about grease – The adequately designed griddle and grease chute in the back effectively drain grease away to a special container. The post-cooking cleanup is easy, fast and convenient.

I believe that the greatest downside is lack of any handles which makes it difficult to move the grill around when cooking.

The Blackstone griddle is one of the few grills that can always be recommended without worrying about the quality or even the price. It is great for travelers, but it will also be just as good for those looking for a small, mobile grill ( see top 10 reasons to purchase a griddle blackstone ).

More on this type of grill can be found in the guide on gas griddles, the same model takes an equally high position in the guide on the best tabletop grills.

Tips for buying a new grill under $200

A gas grill for less than 200 dollars sadly won’t have much to offer, even in terms of quality. When it comes to stationary options you better accept the fact that it’s a short-term investment and you won’t buy anything solid for this kind of money.

Size – In terms of the cooking area there isn’t much difference between grills at this price. There’s a huge difference, however, in terms of how much space a particular grill takes depending on the type of construction.

The number of burners – When it comes to full-sized grills, the minimum is two burners, in mobile versions even one can actually be enough due to a completely different shape.

Features – Forget about any gadgets if you’re looking for a good grill at this kind of price. The most important thing is the quality of workmanship of the whole grill and the burners, not convenient gadgets. When it comes to simpler constructions, the manufacturer has more money for better quality materials and workmanship.

Mobility – I recommend versatile mobile grills that work great in many different situations. Some people incorrectly believe that it is a type of grill only made for cooking away from home. The truth is, it also works great at home if you cook less or simply have a limited space. Another very strong argument is much better workmanship despite a slightly smaller cooking area.

Durability – Sadly, all stationary grills below 200 dollars are characterized by poor quality of materials, which is why you shouldn’t expect any of them to last long. The exceptions are small mobile options where quality of workmanship and durability were ensured to be on a very good level.

Warranty – It is a must to check what is covered by the warranty. When it comes to gas grills for below 200 dollars, there’s a very high risk of manufacturing flaws. In such situations, it’s a good idea to have the right protection in form of a longer warranty period.

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