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The Best Electric Grills for 2021

Electric grills are mostly designed to grill inside with the ability to grill outside. Traditional grills, on the other hand (powered with charcoal, gas, pellet and others), are only created for outdoor grilling.

When it comes to grilling, you have two possibilities, use an electric grill if you only want to cook inside or any other traditional grill if you want to cook outside.

Remember that an electric grill differs a lot from all the other types of grills – one has to know what to pay attention to.

In this guide, I will help you choose the best electric grill for your situation.

I have prepared several different options for you and I am sure that one of them will turn out to be the best one.


ebg-table__imageWeber Q2400
  • Main Cooking Surface: 280 sq. in.
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • For Small Spaces or Travelers
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ebg-table__imageGeorge Foreman 15-Serving
  • Main Cooking Surface: 240 sq. in.
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Can be used indoor & outdoor
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ebg-table__imageChar-Broil Electric Patio Bistro
  • Main Cooking Surface: 240 sq. in.
  • Warranty: 1-2 Years
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The 3 Best Electric Grills Reviewed

As an enthusiast of traditional grilling, I only focused on electric grills that can indeed achieve great results. A decent electric grill should be able to reach high temperatures and have solid grill grates as well as plenty of useful features such as a grease collection system for example.

1. Weber Q2400

weber q 2400 electric

My favorite electric grill that indeed has a whole lot to do with typical grilling.

Weber Q2400 is a compact grill in the electric version that can be utilized in many different places. Thanks to its mobile construction, you can easily bring it along on the road, but remember that it relies on electricity.

For that reason, I believe that it is a great option in urban environments or places where an electric grill is permitted for use. It is also a good solution if you don’t have much space and you want to have something mobile yet also very efficient and solid.

There is an option to separately buy a folding stand that provides a comfort of cooking not much different from a full-sized grill ( Weber Q Portable Cart ).

It has a lot of cooking space (280 square inches) and all the essential features that a real grill should have.

First and foremost, it has solid porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates.

It might be quite a surprise to you, but it is one of the few electric grills that can achieve great sear marks on the food’s surface.

It is very fast and easily achieves high temperatures. From the moment you start it, it only takes about a dozen minutes and you can start cooking.

It has a removable tray where all the grease and juices go. It is located under the grill where you can easily and quickly remove it to empty.

Out of the entire offer on the market, this is the only option that I can honestly call a solid electric grill.

Weber Q2400 is a solidly built grill that will certainly withstand a lot.

A great alternative to regular charcoal or propane grills that are forbidden in your neighborhood.

It comes with all the essential features and most importantly, it is great in practice. I am mega positively surprised with the even and intense heat as well as the solid grates.

2. George Foreman 15-Serving

George Foreman 15-Serving

From this moment on, fans of typical grills might be disappointed, as the rest of my suggestions have less to do with a real grill. Lack of solid grill crates, lower power and lack of or minimal sear marks.

George Foreman 15-Serving is a typical indoor/outdoor electric grill that combines the most essential characteristics of a standard grill with the ability to cook at home.

It has quite a lot of space but the operational area is slightly smaller due to the round shape. Still, 240 square inches of cooking area is a lot in a grill for that kind of money.

The advantage here is speed, it can achieve the adequate temperature for cooking in a very short time.

It comes with a non-stick surface that indeed does work, but I have my reservations about the grease drainage system, the grooves of which are located in the center.

Sometimes, when cooking large quantities of food, the grooves will get clogged which causes a significant amount of grease to accumulate around them. I think that it could have been solved much better by creating a groove on the side of the grill for example.

Other than that, it’s a great electric grill that I really recommend to those living in apartments with a balcony.

I appreciate the ability to choose if you want to cook with a stand or without it as a tabletop grill. That’s a huge advantage for those who for example want to cook in the winter on the tabletop at home and on the balcony in the summer.

Are you more interested in grilling at home? In that case, check out my guide to indoor grills designed for that exact purpose.

3. Char-Broil Infrared Electric Patio Bistro

Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Patio Bistro

My last suggestion is mainly directed towards those with a balcony or a very small terrace.

Char-Broil Electric Patio Bistro was designed for outdoor cooking only, as evidenced by its full-sized construction.

It has 240 square inches of the main cooking area on porcelain-coated cast-iron grates.

There is no problem with cleaning, the grease is accumulated on a removable tray under the grill. Slightly below it you will find some space for Grill Tools and Accessories.

The TRU-InfraRed technology ensures evenly spread heat, but sadly the downside is the long time needed to achieve a high enough temperature. Unfortunately, it is not a grill that can easily and quickly achieve a very high temperature.

For that reason, I recommend it to those planning to grill the simplest things and are not bothered by pretty slow cooking.

It gets thumbs up for the side shelves that provide a lot of work space during cooking. Once you’re done grilling, you can fold the side shelves, gaining a little extra space around the grill. When it comes to small-sized grills or limited area, solutions of this type are very useful.

It is not an investment for many years either, despite quite a good quality for this kind of money. It’s a very simple electric grill for amateurs and those with very low expectations.

Tips for buying a new electric grill

The difference between an electric grill and any other type is very large. There’s a lot of new issues you don’t need to take into account in case of a charcoal grill for example.

Budget – The price range is quite large, it’s better to define a specific budget right away, which will make the search easier. In my guide, I have prepared several best options from different price ranges.

Cooking area – Take into account how much you cook and choose the right model. Most electric grills are relatively small-sized, which means it’s far from the best solution when you cook for a bigger number of people.

Features – All kinds of gadgets enhance versatility and convenience of cooking. If you have the budget, it’s a good idea to have a more functional grill, but if you want the price to be as low as possible, look for a simple grill configuration.

Indoor vs. Outdoor – Not every electric grill is adapted to indoor cooking. Make sure that the grill has a properly designed construction (grease drainage etc). It is the best to simply read whether the manufacturer predicts cooking inside or not. Remember that even if a grill makes it possible to cook inside, it must be in adequate conditions with proper ventilation.

Grill grates – Contrary to a popular belief, there’s a lot of electric grills that don’t have grill grates. If you want real grilling, it is one of the obligatory elements that your grill should have. Of course an interesting option is the ability to use different cooking surfaces (griddle or grill grates) but grill grates always come first.

Mobility – You’d like to cook something away from home, like when camping, or maybe you simply don’t have much space for a grill. In each of those situations you need to focus on whether the grill has a mobile construction. Luckily the best options available on the market are mostly designed with mobility in mind.

Warranty – An electric grill has a much more complicated construction than most of other types of grills. It has a lot of electronics, including the heating element that is one of the most important parts. Elements of this type are sooner or later prone to malfunctions, which makes it a good thing to have a warranty in case it occurs soon after the purchase.

The pros and cons of buying electric grill

The electric grill takes the last place in the ranking of grills mostly due to the food flavor. It is decent, but loses to any other type of grill, especially if you’re an enthusiast of the characteristic smoky flavor.

Other than that, it offers a lot of advantages and allows to prepare very good food.


Easy to use – All it takes is plugging it into the outlet, then starting the burner and after about a dozen minutes you can start grilling. You don’t have to pay attention to wind, amount of charcoal, air vents etc, just adjust the burner adequately and monitor the temperature.

Convenience – Speed and ease of use are convenient especially on the days when you don’t feel like doing anything. For example, when you go back from work when you don’t feel like getting the charcoal burning in your kettle grill.

Tend to take less space – Electric grills are among the smallest ones which makes them a good solution if you have limited space. It’s a very good option for a balcony or a small terrace in an apartment.

Bans – It is one of the few grills that you can use in places that usually have a lot of limitations on devices of this type. For example, if it is banned to use grills that produce flames (gas, charcoal or pellet), an electric grill will make a perfect solution to the problem.


Flavor – You will never achieve food even half as good as from a charcoal grill. Everyone says that the electric grill gives the poorest food flavor compared to other types of grills. Sadly, it is a fact that can’t be changed much. If you have lower expectations in this area, though, you will still be satisfied. Lack of smoky flavor is not the end of the world, for someone who grills very rarely it won’t make much difference.

It always needs a source of power – You rely on electricity when cooking on an electric grill, which makes it difficult to talk about mobility. On the other hand, you don’t need to worry about buying briquettes, pellets or a new propane tank.

No atmosphere – I know that to many people grilling is art and that’s one of the reasons why the charcoal grill is the most popular type of grill. Sadly, when it comes to electric grills, grilling is a simple mundane task that doesn’t require interaction.