Weber Spirit vs Genesis

weber spirit vs genesis

When looking for a new grill, you are bound to run into the Weber brand, it’s a brand that has several unique lines of gas grills in their offer. In this article I’ll try to compare Weber Spirit vs Genesis, which are the two most popular lines in their offer. Of course both series are really well … Read more

Pork Shoulder vs Pork Butt

pork shoulder vs pork butt

Pork Shoulder and Pork Butt are two different pieces of meat despite coming from neighboring places. Those two pieces get very often confused with one another, which is why I have decided to prepare a guide in which you will learn the exact differences between the pork butt and the pork shoulder. For that purpose, I would … Read more

Pellet Grill vs Gas Grill

pellet vs gas grill

The selection of grills these days is so big that buying a new one becomes quite a challenge because we don’t know what to choose. Back in the day it wasn’t such a problem, there was a charcoal grill available that was manufactured by several brands, including the perfectly known Weber manufacturer. These days the diversity … Read more

How to Reheat Pulled Pork

how to reheat pulled pork

The best solution is serving fresh food although I do understand that people don’t always have time to do it the right way. I know that plenty of people prepare a lot of food in advance for that reason, and then later they just reheat is quickly and easily. It’s a good idea but one should do … Read more

How Much Meat Per Person

how much meat per person

When getting prepared to cook for a bigger number of people, you need to think carefully about what to buy and how much. There comes a moment exactly like this in the lives of many of us where we need to buy a very large amount of meat, but you actually don’t know how much of … Read more

Flank Steak vs Skirt Steak

flank vs skirt steak

When I say tomahawk, t-bone or ribeye, almost everyone will know perfectly well that I’m talking about great steaks. Not everyone, though, is aware of how many types of steaks there are, other than the most known ones. How many people know about the existence of the skirt and flank steak? There might be a lot of … Read more

The Best Woods for Smoking

best wood for smoking

The key to successful smoking is to follow several basic rules. One of them is using the right type of wood depending on what kind of food you’re planning to prepare. Wood can be divided into categories ranging from delicate to strong, which makes it important to match it to the type of food or else … Read more

The Best Woods for Smoking Ribs

best wood for smoking ribs

The end flavor of ribs largely depends on what type of wood you use when smoking. Seeing how many of them are available, the choice might be a little difficult if you don’t have knowledge on the topic. There’s more to that than just the meat preparation itself, although it is an incredibly important stage. In … Read more

The Best Woods for Smoking brisket

best wood for smoking brisket

Preparing a perfect brisket that is so juicy that it melts in the mouth is a very desirable skill. When getting into smoking, it is important above all to adequately prepare the meat, and then to take care of the smoking conditions and select matching wood for the meat. Remember that brisket will spend many hours in … Read more

The Best Grilling Accessories for 2020

grilling accessories

I’ve been into the topic of grilling for many years, I have gained a lot of experience on the way with every type of grill and multiple accessories. Now I am perfectly aware of what I will need when grilling to achieve much better results. When I was starting, I would use simple tools while preparing the … Read more